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John Zhang


5 maseanli

John helped me in purchasing a very good deal which I am renting it out. He did extensive research and made a few recommendations which I liked. I trust him as a person who can negotiate the best price, who responde your inquires always as early as possible. I am impressed with his knowledge and how he made the purchase process so smooth. He even helps you after the purchase are done, which is like a big bonus. I would highly recommened him to any one who needs to make a purchase or sell his/her property.

5 user73838378

John is a realtor who will go above and beyond to help his clients. He is very responsive- quick to return email and phone calls and super fast at answering any questions. He really understands the local neighborhoods and knows what is important to each customer- so he knows the best apartments to show you (or how to get you the best price for your house if you’re selling). Highly recommend!!

5 zuser20140607052921409

John is one of the most responsive real estate agents that I have dealt with in the last 10 years. He has extensive knowledge of local market and is truly working for his client, not just want to get a quick deal done.

5 user617640

John Zhang is a very professional real estate broker. His in-depth knowledge on properties and rich experience in markets help him found two properties I love in one year.I purchased one property in Naperville, IL and one in Chicago, IL @ prices.

Currently, I have been still working with him for investment in more properties.Hopefully, we will work out an other deal shortly.

Alan Geng

5 atomdraco

I have John to both selling my old house and buying a new one. Although the area I was selling is a little bit out of his area, he was able to figure out the local market very quickly. He did a great job marketing and advertising our house and helped us sold our house earlier before more competitions were out. This enable us to start looking for our new home quickly.

We looked a LOT of houses, even with a very dry market right now. John was able to response quickly and took us to see houses just came out of the market. He’s very patient with us, never push us to buy anything that does not fit our needs. He often spotted things that we didn’t notice in a home to make sure we are aware of the condition of the home we are looking. When we finally found a house with the right price, we got into a multiple offers situation. With John’s expertise, we were able to out bit other offers without breaking our bank.

We cannot say enough good things about working with John. He was making the whole process easier for us.

5 zuser20140617092049575

John is a friendly and experienced agent, It is very pleasant to work with him. John is always trying to help me in all aspects. I am glad to pick John as my agent

5 willliamzhengllin

As my friends for years, John ihas been a very good guy for his gentle, patient and kindly personality as well as his profound professional knowledges on kinds of investment including estate in USA. He did give me a lots of advice and suggestions on myself and my other friends’ investment and business development here, and I did benefit from his knowledgeable recommendations. Especially his explanations and analysis on the economic situation and developing trends matchs the realities well with the global as well as national base, which assisted memaking the right decisions.Thanks, John.

5 DonFuda

John is the agent that we can trust and rely on. We needed to find two homes in two different areas, both of which is more than 50 miles from our current home. John did much of the research and screened the homes for us. He offered honest opinion which made our home search efficient and effective. John is a true professional and has in depth knowledge of local real estate market. Such that he negotiates fairly and effectively. We are very happy with John’s service.

5 user401976

John is an honest a professional I have ever worked with. He helps pre-screen all the properties according to my conditions and when he sees a property is worth viewing, he bring it into my attention and schedule an appointment soonest possible. I appreciate his efforts to make right things happen when he is supposed to.

5 chlorinated54

John is truly knowledgeable about residential real estate business and market trends. He has been the one source that I go to from time to time with my questions and get answers in plain understandable English. Plus, he is always accessible to me and I really appreciate that.

5 MariaDiamond

Just purchased a town home in Romeoville and John is the best realtor we’ve had, he has a lot of patience and does not push you and helps you find what you are looking for. We are very glad and would definitely will recommend John to everyone that is interested in purchasing or selling a home. Thanks John for all your help 🙂

5 zuser20140708163135127

John is very professional Realtor with experience and patience. He helped me to rent out my two houses and I am very happy with his services provided. Currently, I have asked him to sell my property in Romeoville.

5 ckitchen21

One day John and I looked at a place I really didn’t like and the every next morning he found my ideal home. He kept on top of all issues; following up on issues and keeping me in the loop at all times. It was a pleasure working with John.

5 dlm91292

John Zhang is a very experienced broker who can give you good advice on housing market. I am currently working with him to find a good unit to buy. He responded my emails and calls timely all the way. I would strongly recommend him to you.

5 user3139125

John is very helpful to help me to rent out the unit. He is very diligent on his work, always responsive and prepared to help. When I tried to rent my house, it was in the winter time and very hard to find a tenant. John helped me to locate a good tenant, and I am very happy with it.

5 jninjalou

John was a great resource throughout our home rental process. He is courteous, responsive and kind. He was able to meet us upon short notice to view a property we were interested in renting. After meeting him we were immediately put at ease by his pleasant nature. We were pleased to have had the opportunity to work with such a knowledgable realtor. I highly recommend John for your real estate needs.

5 user491605

John is a very professional relator and a good negotiator. He is patient and always has my best interest in mind. He is experienced and work very hard to help me find the right townhouse with right price. He provide me great advice during the process.

5 MariaJaramillo50

Very dedicated and sound knowledge of real estimate marketing. Super fast respond to customer request. I used docusign and lost my original document, then asked John at late night, he emailed me right a way. Really appreciated. I strongly recommended and will be very likely to work with him in the near future. Rate him as A++++++

5 justincarmichael

John was extremely helpful in helping us find a new home. He answered every call, question, and was very patient. When we narrowed our choices and started making offers he had great expertise in this area (inspection, price negotiation, etc.). Several months later in the new house we’re still thrilled. We both highly recommend John.

5 pengxd

John is a very nice, knowledgeable, and experienced agent. He was very patient in helping me shopping a house for spending several months and looking at many houses. Finally I got the current one that I am very satisfied. He was so helpful that I got a very reasonable price. Now I have been enjoining my new house and thank John very much!

5 aagongli

I would highly recommend John Zhang to anyone who want to purchase a home. He is professional, very knowledgeable and well prepared throughout the whole process. He is great to work to with and always there to answer questions. John also recommended an attorney who was professional and easy to talk to.

5 user4351962

Very responsive and shared with me lots of knowledge of local house market and was also very objective. Could be a friend. After I bought the house, he still went extra miles to help me with my house improvement project like painting, electricity, ventilations. Highly recommended!!!!

5 pam7879

John Zhang is a nice person and he is very good at finding houses/buildings fit for you. He is very good at negotiating the prices it’s others. He is a very friendly person and I’m glad that he has helped me with finding houses and buildings. He’s easily approachable and very nice to talk with about your needs for something.

5 jek ii 74

I chose John based on the positive reviews I read about them and he didn’t disappoint. He is very responsive; he answers all my questions and talked me through the home-buying process. Based on what I was looking for, he showed me homes that fit the bill and I was able to decide on one in one day. My first home will be new construction! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend John to anyone looking for an honest, professional & friendly realtor that has your best interest in mind.

5 panng sam

John is very professional and very responsive. It was very pleasant experience to work with John to list our property. It gave us professional advice, and negotiate the best possible deal. Highly recommended.

5 1292160504

I’m a first-time student buyer and I do have many specific requirements on the type of apartment that I want to purchase. John helps me narrow down the choices and it doesn’t take me a long time to find the ideal apartment. Also during the process of purchasing he is really helpful and responsible. I have many confusions as a first-time buyer, and John clarifies a lot of things for me. I really appreciate his patience. I’ll definitely recommend him.

5 am261211

I bought a house in buffalo Grove IL I he is very responsive, when I have question he always there. He is very knowledgeable and professional that make the process pretty smooth. John is very flexible, during the process of the purchase we visited the property several times I would recommend anyone go through him if they need a intelligent man by your side who will be there every step of the way .Thank john.

5 aanketia

John is the best realtor I have worked with. He is respectful and his professionalism speaks volumes. He is very responsive and goes the extra mile. He is accessible and will work with you until you find the right property. John has been a blessing to me and my family and I strongly recommend him if you are looking for a hardworking and honest realtor.

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